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Pleasure and Periods

Pleasure and Periods

Sexual pleasure and menstruation are two topics that are often shrouded in stigma and taboo. While menstruation is a natural bodily process that occurs in most people with vaginas, it is often considered a topic that should be kept private and not discussed in public. Similarly, sexual pleasure is often seen as something that should only be discussed in the context of a relationship, and any other forms of sexual expression are often stigmatised. However, these two topics are intimately linked, and it's essential to understand how they relate to one another.

One of the most significant misconceptions about periods and sexual pleasure is that menstruation makes sex unpleasant or even impossible. While some people may experience discomfort during their period, including cramps, bloating, and mood swings, many people find that sex during their period is perfectly enjoyable. In fact, some people even report heightened sexual pleasure during their period due to increased blood flow to the pelvic area.

There are several reasons why sexual pleasure may be more intense during menstruation. Increased blood flow to the pelvic area can increase sensitivity and arousal. Some people experience a surge in hormones during their period, including testosterone, which can lead to increased sexual desire. For some people, the taboo and intimacy associated with menstruation can make sex during this time feel more exciting.

While many people may feel hesitant about engaging in sexual activity during their period, it's essential to remember that sex during this time is entirely safe, as long as proper hygiene practices are followed. It is important to keep in mind that it is still possible to become pregnant from having intercourse during your period. Consider what form of contraception you use if you engage in sex at this time. 

But what about the mess? 

Many of us go through these questions when we consider having sex on our period. Messy, well depending on how heavy your flow is, it can be messy, but also fine.

What about if my menstrual fluid gets on another person?

There is nothing dirty or unhygienic about this. Culturally, we are influenced by the messages passed down to us from society that didn’t understand their bodies the way we do today. Open communication with your partner about how you both enjoy pleasure while on your period is really important. You should both feel safe and comfortable to engage in these activities and of course you should both have consent. This is when pleasure feels best anyway, right?

Is there a way to manage the mess?

Yes there is! You are able to use the Hey Zomi reusable menstrual disc during penetrative sex, allowing for a completely mess free experience. Your menstrual disc sits up in the vaginal fornix, underneath your cervix. This allows the vaginal canal to be completely free for penetration. Another amazing thing about your vagina is that when you are aroused, your vagina elongates and lifts, in order to create space. The Hey Zomi disc stays in place and lifts with your cervix. You actually can’t feel any of this going on, it is completely safe and you can go about your sexy play. It is undetectable during sex by most, but we recommend that you give yourself time to be fully aroused before penetration. Using a water based lubricant is also excellent, since the disc cups your cervix and you tend to be dryer because of this. I mean, can you ever have enough lube?

We have heard from some users that when they use the Hey Zomi disc during sex, it enhances their pleasure, as it seems to add to the internal sensations. How exciting!
Remember, your Hey Zomi disc is not a contraceptive and it does not keep semen out from entering your cervix. Make sure you use the right contraception to prevent pregnancy. 

Can you use a menstrual cup to prevent mess during intercourse.

No, you can’t. If your cup is positioned correctly within the vaginal canal, using suction to stay in place, then it acts like a plug within your vagina. Nothing can go in or out. In some cases, we have heard that some menstrual cup users are able to flip their cup inside out, inserting it. We do not recommend this, as the pokey end of the cup is firm and can cause micro tears during sex. 

What can I do if I don’t want to use a menstrual disc? Can I still have period sex?

Yes, you absolutely can! If you have a medium to heavy flow, then you may want to lay down towels or a blanket that can be washed. There are some fantastic products like soft and silky sex blankets on the market that take into consideration catching fluids. Easy to wash and reuse many times. You could consider sex in the shower or go wild and head to the ocean together. 

Pleasure on your period doesn’t mean just intercourse. What other ways evoke pleasure for you and your partner? 

What about masturbation? 

Self pleasure is a great way to indulge in all the benefits for your period. It is your body, 

What about after care considerations?

Just as you would for your own body during your period, having blood on your skin is easily wiped away clean. Showering is of course a good hygiene practice, removing bad bacteria that could accumulate.

It's also worth noting that some people may experience changes in sexual desire during their period. Some people may find that they have a lower sex drive during this time, while others may experience heightened desire. It's entirely normal for sexual desire to fluctuate throughout the menstrual cycle, and there's no "right" or "wrong" way to feel.

Does using the Hey Zomi disc during sex actually work (is it mess free)?

We have loved to hear users be blown away that the Hey Zomi disc allows them to have mess free period sex. We have also heard that when the disc is in place, sensations are heightened for penatrative sex. We can't wait to bring out our article all about the 'menstrogasm' - but we think it is definitely a thing!

But don't take our word for it. We welcomed Tammy for a chat about what she thinks of the Hey Zomi disc, and she opened up about her experience during period sex.

It is also very cool to note that we have had quite a few male customers purchasing the Hey Zomi disc for their female partners- seeking out comfortable and less messy ways to enjoy period intimacy.

It is important to understand that sexual pleasure and menstruation are intimately linked and that sex during menstruation can be entirely safe and enjoyable. 

At Hey Zomi, we want to help break the taboo around sex on your period. We believe it can help create a more open and accepting space, where people feel  comfortable discussing and exploring their sexual desires. 

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