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RESERVA - Hey Zomi Disco Menstrual

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Hey, Zomi disc está haciendo que el cuidado del período sea más cómodo y conveniente que nunca.

Fabricado sin desagradables, utilizamos silicona de grado médico que es suave y tersa, lo que facilita la inserción. El disco tiene un mango exclusivo que facilita su extracción.

No más cambios de productos menstruales en el día, lidiar con fugas y luchar para adaptar su vida a su período.

  • Dejar actuar durante 12 horas.
  • 100% silicona de grado médico y no afectará su PH natural
  • Sexo sin desorden en tu período
  • sin succión
  • Reutilizable. Un disco para todo tu período, cada período
  • Dura mas de 5 años

Talla única ya que el disco es redondo y está hecho para amoldarse a la forma de su cuerpo.

- Solo nuestros discos Moonlight White estarán disponibles para nuestros pedidos anticipados.
- Solo tenemos una cantidad limitada de discos de reserva disponibles.
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- Los discos de pedido anticipado se enviarán para que lleguen antes de Navidad o principios de enero. ¡Hurra!

The Hey Zomi Disc is round in shape and is 65mm in diameter. It is one size fits most and has a large
capacity of 52ml. 

Its soft, smooth and flexible design means it will easily slide into place and mold to your body for a personal and comfortable fit.

Sterilise your disc before each period by boiling in water for 3 minutes.

You do not need to clean your disc during your period, simply remove, rinse clean and reinsert.

We recommend boiling your disc before your next period, so that it is clean and ready to go.

Store your disc in your little cotton Hey Zomi bag or box inbetween your periods.

100% medical grade silicone
TGA approved
Made in Australia
Highest quality guaranteed.

IMPORTANT- This is not a contraceptive device! The Hey Zomi disc will only keep menstrual fluid in. It does not protect you from STIs or pregnancy.

How to use

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Amazing 🤩

So impressed with this menstrual disc! Easy insertion and removal and leak-free from the first use! An essential for anyone looking to try a suction free, reusable menstrual product. Great job Zoë and Mika 🙌🙌

Jamie Sy
Best disc I've used!

I've used cups, period underwear and a different menstrual disc before..this is by far the easiest menstrual disc I've used. The handle makes it super easy and accessible. No more fishing it out!

So Easy to Use

I tried using a Diva Cup for a while. It worked, but it was not the most convenient for me. I often spent a lot of time finding "just the right spot" and a lot of time removing it. This is what made me hesitant to try a disk, but the Hey Zomi is absolutly wonderful. Both insurtion and removal is incredibly easy. It is super comfortable and I know I won't be going back to tampons or a cup.

Periods made easy!

I’ve used a cup for a few years now, which was an absolute game changer! But switching to the Hey Zomi disc recently has been another step up!
It slides in even easier than a cup and pulls out easier too. I’ve also noticed it’s gentler on my skin when inserting.
I’ve had no leaks or troubles, and I feel confident using it from the start of my period to the end!
If you don’t have one yet- take this as a sign to order one today!! No regrets!!

Rhiannon Whitfield
Pure Magic

This disc is game changing, I don’t know what kind of Magic the girls hold but whatever it is they have put it in this disc, post baby #2 cups were no longer working the way they should and along came the Hey Zomi disc. No Leaks, Reduced Period Pain, Comfortable like to the point where I forgot I had it in and so easy to empty out and clean!
If you have been thinking about diving in do it! This disc is going to change the period game for so many!
Keep it up ladies these are amazing!

Frequently asked questions

There is absolutely no chance it will get lost. We get it! Inserting something inside your vagina with no exit rope is not something we have been programmed to do. But we promise, it won't and it can't get lost! If you have a high cervix and your disc sits higher than your finger can reach, simply use your pelvic floor to bear down and it will naturally push the disc towards your finger.

Your disc is made out of 100% medical grade silicone- one of the longest lasting and durable materials. It will last you many years if cared for properly. If you notice any tears or the texture of the silicone changes, it is definitely time for an upgrade. But please do let us know.

It is personal preference. We actually love having one of each!
The black is a great option if you don't want discoloration or staining over time. It masks the colour of your menstrual fluid if blood makes you a little squimish.

White is fantastic if you love seeing all the details. We think it's great to read our bodies and connect in with how our health is going by seeing the colour and texture of our period.

If you can feel the disc inside you, chances are it's not inserted correctly. Just insert your finger until you feel the rim of the disc and push upwards to make sure it is tucked up behind your pubic bone.

See our anatomy video here

If you have a low cervix, you may find you have to pull up with your pelvic floor muscles to get that good tucked feeling - imagine you are trying to draw everything upwards inside your vagina.