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The Hey Zomi disc

All day protection with no leaks!

Based on 165 reviews
From the cup to Hey Zomi!

I had been using a menstrual cup for 10 years and sadly, it started leaking after giving birth no matter what size I tried. I gave Hey Zomi a try and it’s by far the best, most comfortable and easy to use menstrual thingy I’ve had. I’m so happy I fell for it. It’s LOVE, pure LOVE what I feel… and it’s an Aussie product, so even better. It took me around three days (and a YouTube tutorial) to insert it perfectly, but once I got the hang of it it was really easy. ;)

Best I’ve ever tried!!!

This is the absolute best product I’ve ever used to that time of the month! I have a high cervix and got major cramps with the cups. I’ve had issues with other discs but this one is pure perfection. Will never go elsewhere when I need a newbie ! Thankyou! You’ve changed my life!

The best thing!

I love this product so much. It was easy to use and the education on how to use was great so I felt confident going into it. So glad I bought it. 🙂

Don't wait to buy it

After going from period cups, to the more comfortable period underwear - I now have the disc as an option. SOOOOOO much more comfortable to use than a cup, honestly can't compare. I feel just as at ease, even more so with it in comparison to a cup. Haven't had sex using it yet but it's good to know it's there as an option. Don't wait to buy it.

A game changer

I was super sceptical as menstrual cups I found them awkward as to use and uncomfortable. This Is not a cup and it's way easier and more comfortable to use. The info provided is very helpful and I'd encourage anyone who wants to be more considerate of the environment and have a less stressful period not to mention cut down on cost every month, to give it a go

Love my Zomi!!

As someone who tried cups and don’t find them super comfortable and they sometimes enhanced cramping. One bleed in and the zomi disc was amazing. Easy as to insert, no leaking easy to remove and mess free comfortable s3x
Which also helped for pain relief
Winner winner 🙂

Why didn’t I purchase this sooner?!

Super ease to use, once you find your ‘groove’ you’ll honestly wonder why you’ve been using other options all your life. So glad I stumbled across hey zomi while I was scrolling late at night !! Thank you 😊

Really happy with it comparing to cup

Long time cup user here in between kids etc and I’ve been really happy changing to the disc. I never liked that the cup used suction and caused that ‘pressure’ feeling at times, the disc has been comfortable and easy to use. It’s new to me so I’m still adapting, still very much need to use alongside period underwear (I always needed to with the cup as well) but cannot complain and would definitely recommend.


so excited to find a local aussie disc. first time user, so relieved: easy, comfortable, no issues! thanks


I really love my Zomi and it was a real gamechanger over the summer!

Downside was that I had to pay additional tax in Germany for it :(

Best cup!!

I have tried many cups and never felt comfortable. Hey Zomi was a game changer from the first cycle. It’s so easy to use and most of all, you don’t feel it. No leaking, no dramas.

My goldilocks!

I’ve tried two other discs, and this one is my goldilocks!
When inserting, I first run the disc under cold water and put a little water based lube on the rim. It slides in slick because it’s the right amount of firmness and material.
The size is just the right size for me. I can leave it in for 12 hours without a worry. This is because it autodumps when I use the bathroom on my medium to heavy days 🙂
You really can do anything while wearing this menstrual disc. I can clean, go out and about, and sleep without any leaks.
5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from Canada 🇨🇦

Thank you Mika and Zoe for designing this amazing reusable period product 🌳💚
As someone with a heavy period , I am so glad to have a stress free, comfortable period.

Life changing

I’ve been using a menstrual cup for over a year and I’d constantly have problems with leaking and irritation from insertion. The HeyZomi disc is so easy to insert and remove, no irritation and no leaking. Love it!

Easy to use disc - wish I’d found it sooner!

I’m in perimenopause and I’m loving that I can use Zomi with my now unpredictable cycles. After a lifetime of tampons, Zomi has been so easy to use. One purchase and it’s easier and more economical that traditional menstrual products. The videos have made the instructions easy to follow.

Better than a cup

I’ve been using reusable cups for a few years and have just tried this for my last 2 cycles and love it. Love how easy it is to get in and out. Had no spills at all and was comfortable to wear. Haven’t tried it for sex yet while menstruating but I’m curious.

Best menstrual product I have used

I have been using a menstrual cup for years but somehow it wasn't working for me anymore. I decided to get the Zomi disc and wow I was blown away. Super easy to insert (it took me a few months to adjust to the cup a decade ago but not with this disc) but most importantly no leakages even with a heavy flow. So glad I got it. If only it could be magical and help with cramps too!

Life changing!

Absolute game changer! Wish I'd learnt about this product YEARS ago! It's super comfortable, you can go to the toilet easily without having it interfere with elimination, and you can have mess-free sex! It's super easy to clean in the shower too! It took about 10 attempts to insert/position it before I finally got the hang of it - but honestly - the BEST tip is to use lube to insert it - then it naturally slides into the correct position. Absolute magic! Love it!

Very happy

I had been using a cup for about 6 years and decided to give the disc a try. I find it quite easy to insert, comfortable, and I haven't had any issues with leaking. The auto-dump feature takes a bit of getting used to though!

We need to spread the word!

I have heavy periods, needed to use tampons and a pad to feel secure. Zomi is a lifesaver.
No leaks, super easy to use and holding everything inside for at least 10 hours!
I’m absolute fan. It is a game changer, we need shout about it on the every corner! so many perks and non of the troubles. Please give it a go and trust me there will be no way back.

Best thing ever!!

I'm new to menstrual cups and the zomi is so easy to use! I can't say it's better than other menstrual cups because I haven't used others, however the quality of the Zomi is superb and the little handle to take it out is great for beginners like myself. I'll never go back to pads and tampons.

Will never look back

I have been using a menstrual cup for around 5-6 years now and loved the fact I didn't have to change it every 3-4 hours like a pad/tampon. I'm a teacher too so I definitely don't have the time to be doing that. It was such an easy switch and I'll never look back.

Easiest way to ease in from pads

I’ll admit it wasn’t easy for me to switch from using pads after using it for most of my life. But when I have to start intensive swimming lessons during my period, I had to give it a go. The simple illustrations and videos on the website make it very easy for me to understand how to get it in, plus plenty of support from Mika herself. I highly recommend you give it a try!

Great idea, great execution. The only downside is that sometimes I completely forget I'm on a period:)) Got a little accident because of it on time...
Other then that after the short adjustment period I have no problems and it.

Love it!

I have only had this product for two cycles but I love it. Being able to use it overnight without having to worry has allowed me to sleep properly one my period for the first time ever. Have never wanted to bring up periods in a discussion more than I do now that I want to tell everyone to go buy one.

Absolute game changer

The Hey Zomi is exactly what I have been looking for for years! As someone whose body has never followed a consistent schedule, and who has quite heavy periods, often getting up 2-3 times a night to change a super tampon, the disc is the closest thing to having your period while not feeling like you are. I have previously tried cups, and found them not only very uncomfortable, but ridiculously difficult to insert and remove, not to mention stressful. The disc took only one period to feel very comfortable with, and they're not lying when they say that you can't feel it!

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc sits in the vaginal fornix, right under the cervix. It collects your menstrual fluid internally. It is suction free and can alleviate menstrual cramps.

We also love that you can have mess free period sex while using a menstrual disc.

The Hey Zomi disc is not a cup!

A menstrual disc can hold more menstrual fluid than cups, allowing you to leave it in all day without leaks! Yay!! You can even semi empty your disc without fully removing it, making it way easier in public bathrooms.

Check out the video here to find out more.