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Hey Zomi

The Hey Zomi disc

All day protection with no leaks!

Based on 260 reviews
Close to (but not quite) perfect

I've been a Juju (cup) user for the last decade, but loved the concept of the HeyZomi so I've given it a go! Such a lovely design, usually can't even feel that I'm wearing it. I love that there's no suction, easy to remove, and no nasty stem! Overall it's good, but not perfect. Used it for 4 cycles now and have found that on heavy days it can 'tip' and leak if I laugh/sneeze or run etc.
Apart from some 'leak' anxiety on a heavy day, I do really love it :)
It's super comfortable and better for my body and our planet so I'll happily continue using the HeyZomi Disc <3

No leaks and less cramps!

So comfortable and easy! Have been using a cup for a while but always had leaks. With the disk I have no leaks and less cramps. Would highly recommend!


100% great seal except when I urinate, lift heavy or poo the disk either puckers or pushes up from my pubic bone (which was sitting right up in correct position) and leaks out. Can’t wear it to work or at the gym due to heavy lifting and risk of mass leakage.

Excellent product

The period disc is so easy to use and works great. Easy to clean and store away. It feels like I am
not wearing anything.

Difficult to get it right

Hi, compared to the cup, its application and removal are much easier! However, I experienced lots of leaking, so I'm unsure how to get it right. In addition, I just realized that I can be with it only for 8 hours compared to the cup which is until 12 hours. This is a huge issue, as I like sleeping with it on my heavy days.

No regrets purchase

For anyone sitting on the fence about this, just take the leap and buy it. Easy to use, zero waste, and I never have to worry about stocking up on menstrual products anymore. The plus point is you can use this when you think your period might be arriving, and we all know how sometimes it arrives when you least expect and stains everything. I'm not caught unprepared now.

Look no further!

I brought during the Black Friday sale, looking for an alternative to the cups I have been using for a few years! Safe to say I won’t be using cups anymore. These are so comfy and easy to use, can’t even feel it!! So look no further than hey zomi!

Simply wonderful

Before Zomi I was using the cup. I used to hate the suction and sometimes it was painful.
After 7 years of cup, I found this disc and the first thing I noticed on the description was “no suction”. I said to my self: it’s time for a change!
First period with Zomi and I couldn’t be happier 🖤 thank you so much!!!


Really liked this over a cup. Much more comfortable and easy to use!

Love love love

I’ve tried the period cups before, but always found that they would leak so I struggled to wear them and had to use a liner every time. With the Zomi disc I find it doesn’t leak and I can’t feel it at all! Honestly went on a limb buying this but very happy with my choice! I don’t have super heavy flows so I can’t speak for how good it is for others, but for me, perfect !

I really wanted to like this and I think it’s a good concept but it’s wasn’t right for me unfortunately. I found it very uncomfortable to insert and take out and I couldn’t seem to find a way to make it sit so that I couldn’t feel it. I didn’t find it very pliable with the thicker outer rim, maybe better in a different stage of my life.


Have used menstrual cup before with no luck. Perseverance didn't pay off either, just not right for me. The disc is amazing! Day and night, no leakage! Comfortable and a lot easier to use.

Amazing product

First time using any sort of cup or disc and I LOVE it. Easy to use, reliable, and easy to clean.

Nearly really good

I haven’t quite mastered the technique for heavy days yet but I’m hoping to get better on my second cycle. Other than that such a relief

The perfect solution!

I am so, so happy and relieved to have found a product as comfortable and easy to use as this. After having my second baby and experiencing a mild prolapse, I found my existing menstrual cup uncomfortable, and period undies just wouldn't do for the first 2 really heavy days. I have found the Hey Zomi reusable menstrual disc entirely comfortable and it's given me a new sense of ease around this time of the month. Love that I have a reliable go-to now.

Life changing!

I’ve always had to use pads, as tampons were incredibly difficult and irritating for me. I was always concerned I would never be able to use a menstrual cup.
The Zomi disc has completely changed my life and experience with periods. I’ve had no problems or issues. I feel like it’s opened up so many options & monthly comfort. Truly so thankful.

Love It!

I have a posterior tilted uterus so always found regular menstrual cups to not fit quite right and they leaked. My Hey Zomi has worked so well. Found it easier to remove and only needed to empty it twice per day. Would definitely recommend.

I wish I purchased sooner!!

After the birth of my 2 boys my cup just wasn’t playing the game anymore. I found Hey Zomi on fb and after some research and talking to the owners I decided to give it a go. It was super easy to use and I’ve had no issues at all. It’s super comfortable and I’ve not had a single leak. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about getting a disc.

Annoyed I hadn't purchased sooner!

I had found after my daughter was born, my periods have changed and I wasn't getting the best from my previous cup. I spent a bit of time researching other disks on the market and am so glad I purchased the Hey Zomi Disk. I've only used it for one period so far and was very pleased with it. I felt it was easier to insert than my old cup & the self emptying function is a game changer. I basically had no leaks, even on my heavy days. Pretty much effortless to remove, clean and replace in the shower, but hopefully with a bit more practice I can get less mess when removing at the toilet. The little loop at the front definitely helps with removing and the thickness of the disk itself is nice and thin, yet thick enough to feel it isn't going to come out. I virtually didn't feel it once it was in and never felt like it was going to come out. I read a review from someone else who recommended the white if you like knowing how your flow is, but I think with the self empty feature I probably should have bought the black to avoid any 'staining'.


I consistently leaked. Even after watching all the videos online and adjusting it.


Easy to use once you get the hang of it, great for the environment as well as my wallet, and can now confirm also triathlon-proof. The only regret I have is not trying this sooner!

Game changer

Can’t recommend this product enough for people to try! Snug fit, no leaks, ease of insertion, cleaning and removal in shower is a huge plus. Auto dump into toilet convenient on heavy days. Sterilising the disc is too easy, and love the graphic art on the storage bag! Did the deed mess free; that in itself is incredible! Buy and try!

Life changing

I wish I’d purchased the Hey Zomi months ago. I can’t even tell it’s that time of the month anymore.
I tell any female they complains about pads and tampons to try one

I have tried all kinds of menstrual cups, but they always leaked. This disc is a game changer. Now periods don't bother me much

Zomi Reusable Menstrual Disc

Great product! have not used anything else since. Really love it.

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc sits in the vaginal fornix, right under the cervix. It collects your menstrual fluid internally. It is suction free and can alleviate menstrual cramps.

We also love that you can keep the sheets white and have mess free period pleasure while using a menstrual disc.

The Hey Zomi disc is not a cup!

A menstrual disc can hold more menstrual fluid than cups, allowing you to leave it in all day without leaks! Yay!! You can even semi empty your disc without fully removing it, making it way easier in public bathrooms.

Check out the video here to find out more.