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2023 年 1 月推出
簡單的 易於插入和取出
舒服的 你不會覺得它在
本地購物 澳大利亞設計、製造和擁有
簡單的 易於插入和取出
舒服的 你不會覺得它在
本地購物 澳大利亞設計、製造和擁有

The Hey Zomi disc

All day protection with no leaks!






我不敢相信我可以把它放在一整天而不把它取下來。整天跟著我 2 歲的孩子跑真是太方便了。我真的很喜歡在淋浴時取出並重新插入!太容易了。

What is a menstrual disc?

A menstrual disc sits in the vaginal fornix, right under the cervix. It collects your menstrual fluid internally. It is suction free and can alleviate menstrual cramps.

We also love that you can have mess free period sex while using a menstrual disc.

The Hey Zomi disc is not a cup!

A menstrual disc can hold more menstrual fluid than cups, allowing you to leave it in all day without leaks! Yay!! You can even semi empty your disc without fully removing it, making it way easier in public bathrooms.

Check out the video here to find out more.