Can Teenagers Use a Menstrual Disc?

Can teenagers use menstrual discs?

We often get asked, can teenagers use a menstrual disc? And we get why! They can look really intimidating, especially when using internal period products for the first time.

Menstrual discs are safe and suitable for any person with a period, including pre-teens/teens. For teenagers especially, a menstrual disc is a great option because it is so soft and moulds to your inner shape, which is very different to a hard tampon or the firm suction of a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups can also be tricky as you need to find the right size for your body.

Even though it can seem overwhelming, menstrual discs actually squeeze thinner than a tampon and can be easier to insert. One size also fits all, so it can really simplify period care. One menstrual disc will mold to your body and is used for your whole period, on heavy and light days! You can even insert your disc before your period starts so you do not get caught out at school.

Discs may look big, but your 'vaginal fornix' is suited to the disc design. When you begin menstruating, your uterus and cervix matures to fit this within the vagina, so a teenager who has their period, will have no problems trying a menstrual disc.

We also love how empowering using a menstrual disc can be for a teenager or anybody starting out! They can be such an amazing way to learn about your body, understanding how heavy your menstrual flow is all the way to finding where your cervix is and how the disc sits internally. It is such a cool part of 'owning' your period and the product you choose to use.

If you are interested in getting your teenager a menstrual disc, here are some top tips to really set them up for success:

  • Use a small amount of water based lube to help with insertion - this will ensure the disc glides in easier towards the back and tuck the disc.
  • Practice using the disc when not on their period. Hey Zomi is made from 100% medical grade silicone so it is completely safe to use your menstrual disc anytime.
  • Wear period undies as back up as you are learning how to use a menstrual disc.
Starting out on periods can feel overwhelming and challenging, but a menstrual disc is such a great option for teens to not only empower them in understanding their periods and body better, but most importantly, supporting them in living their lives without the stress of periods holding them back.

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