Frequently asked questions

We have a 100% money back guarantee for the Hey Zomi disc. We want to honour the fact that everyone has different bodies and experiences when it comes to using internal menstrual products. Sometimes, you'll only know if it suits you, if you give it a try.

As the Hey Zomi disc is a 'Class 10: Menstrual Medical Device,' complying with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA), we are unable to on-sell any opened or used items.

We ask that our customers consider their purchase thoughtfully and reach out to us through our website chat or email at to ask for suggestions and support as you work out how to use your Hey Zomi disc.

If you are seeking a refund for your purchase, we will be happy to do this. Customers will need to contact us via email first at You will be asked to send your disc back to us. Cost of return freight to Hey Zomi headquarters is covered by the customer. Once we receive your returned Hey Zomi disc, we will dispose of it immediately. We will then issue you a full refund on the amount paid for the product (this excludes shipping), directly into the account from which you paid.

We will only issue refunds to customers who have had their disc for up to 3 months (from the day you received it). After 3 months, you will not be able to receive a refund.

It can take a few tries to get used to how discs work, so sometimes it may feel like it isn't working well. 

We encourage you to keep trying, as once you have the hang of it, you will likely find it easier than any of the other sanitary products on the market!

If you are nervous about leaks while still learning, we recommend using period underwear too.

If you have a specific questions, please email us at

Yes, you sure can. A disc is not a cup, it doesn't use suction to stay in place. So using the Hey Zomi disc when you have an IUD (like the Mirena) in your cervix is completely safe. A menstrual disc won't pull out your IUD. Yay!

Great question- we have a great answer!
You can learn one of our favourite disc clearing features called 'The Easy Empty' (auto-dumping). This is where you can semi empty your disc over the toilet by bearing down, hooking the handle with your finger and slightly pulling it out from behind your pubic bone. Half the menstrual fluid will go into the toilet. You can then simply push your disc back into place, wipe yourself well (particularly within the entrance and around the labia), wipe your finger with toilet paper and then you're set to go!

The easy empty method is particularly great on those heavy days.

There is absolutely no chance it will get lost. We get it! Inserting something inside your vagina with no exit rope is not something we have been programmed to do. But we promise, it won't and it can't get lost! If you have a high cervix and your disc sits higher than your finger can reach, simply use your pelvic floor to bear down and it will naturally push the disc towards your finger.

We are required by the Australian TGA to disclose that TSS could be associated with using menstrual discs like tampons or cups. However, it is important to understand how TSS occurs and acknowledge that there are no reported cases of TSS from using discs. Tampons are like sponges that hold oxygen within them. It is the oxygen held within the tampon that breeds the TSS bacteria. The chances of TSS are VERY low. You can imagine the it is highly unlikely that this can happen with a menstrual disc, since it is a non absorbant materal that does not hold oxygen within the silicone. Reach out to us for more information.

You disc is made out of 100% medical grade silicone- one of the longest lasting and durable materials. It will last you many years if cared for properly. If you notice any tears or the texture of the silicone changes, it is definitely time for an upgrade. But please do let us know.

Yes you absolutely can! It is meant to do this.

You insert your disc in the morning, wear it all day. In the evening you can remove it in the shower, rinse it and reinsert it. Then you can sleep with it inside your body all night.
The next morning, you remove it over the toilet or in the shower, rinse and reinsert.

You repeat this process every day and night of your period.

Everyone's bodies are so unique and it is hard to know if Hey Zomi will be the right fit for you. We do have users with prolapse, weaker pelvic floor or even a very low cervix and they love their Hey Zomi disc while others have faced some struggles. 

Once user had a minor bladder prolapse after having her baby and she can use the disc fine. Another user had the same but discovered that their pubic bone wasn’t so pronounced, so the disc couldn’t ‘tuck up’ and stay held in place.

Some users with prolapse find they like to couple it with period underwear on their heavy days and think that this is a better option than only having to use pads. Medium to light days are generally perfect.

We do have 100% money back guarantee, especially if the fit just isn’t right for your internal shape.

We are here to help and you can reach out to us anytime. Of course if is just not a suitable fit, you can send it back and we will refund you.

It is personal preference. We actually love having one of each!
The black is a great option if you don't want discoloration or staining over time. It masks the colour of your menstrual fluid if blood makes you a little squimish.

White is fantastic if you love seeing all the details. We think it's great to read our bodies and connect in with how our health is going by seeing the colour and texture of our period.

Prevent leaks. Find your cervix!

New to using your Hey Zomi disc?
Internal mapping yourself and finding your cervix can help prevent leaks and become a pro in no time!

Trouble Shooting

There is a learning curve to using the Hey Zomi disc, and for some, it can be challenging to figure out how to position the disc internally.

We recommend you watch the video above to help you find your cervix.
And also, consider using water based lube to get your disc in easier. It will glide in and feel more comfortable.

If you are experiencing leaking, it may be for a number of different reasons. Most often it is due to it not cupping the cervix. It is really helpful to know the height of your cervix in order to ensure your disc fits just right. Everyone has a different cervix height, and some are even tilted. So you may need to even angle your disc in to get it in the right spot.

For some people, your disc may slip out from behind the pubic bone. Just make sure when you insert it, that you push it in fully. Using a water based lubricant is so helpful to ensure it slides right in to the back of the vaginal fornix.

Sometimes the residual blood that is trapped in the vaginal canal after removing and reinserting your disc can come out a little while later. This is not your disc malfunctioning, but it means you need to ensure your wipe out the vaginal canal well after reinserting your disc.

Hopefully these suggestions are good troubleshooting clues that stops any leaking from happening. Please reach out to us if it continues-

The protein in blood does this to all medical grade silicone products. This will be much more obvious on our Moonlight White disc than the Midnight Black disc.
We recommend rinsing off your menstrual fluid in cold water to reduce staining. You can also use a mild soap to wash your disc throughout your period to reduces staining.
We use a dry microfibre cloth on marks that are hard to remove. Rubbing it firmly on the silicone, and they magically rub off. Cool trick!

TOP SECRET: We are developing a product that will solve all discolouration issues. Sign up to be the first to find out!

Smell is a really interesting one, as a lot of the time it is a very subjective thing.

Something to consider is that your cleaning regime may affect the smell of your disc. We recommend cleaning the disc with cold water during your period and sterilising your disc in boiling water after each period. 

I’m sure you are aware, but users should be removing their disc every 12 hours, rinsing it well in clean water and reinserting it. Odours can occur when discs are left in the body for more than 24 hours.

If it is not this, it will be worth exploring some of the below questions-

- Have you had any other experiences with products like your pads, tampons or period underwear smelling for you in the past?

- Do you notice any discolouration or residue feeling to the silicone?

- Could you describe the smell us?

Is it different from your menstrual fluid smell? Is it like a body smell or is it a plastic smell?

- Have you noticed this smell on other items like that you use internally or on your underwear?

- Have you had any changes in your body lately? Infections? Discomfort in your vagina?

- Have you changed your diet or are taking any medication?

- Are you taking any type of pre/probiotics?

The body is complex and unique and actually our menstrual cycle can help us keep tabs on our overall wellbeing too! When we notice changes, it can be a great indicator to check in with your overall health. 

Reach out with answers to the above questions, and let's see if we can figure this out.

This will unlikely happen on a normal day, however we do find that after intercourse, the handle might spin. Do not worry, you can still remove your disc easily. Simply bear down using your pelvic floor muscles and the disc will naturally move down. You can use your finger to hook onto the disc rim and remove.

The Easy Empty method

Did you know you can empty your menstrual disc without removing it!
The Easy Empty method allows you to wear your disc all day- no dramas in public bathrooms and perfect when you're super busy!

Using your hey zomi menstrual disc

If you can feel the disc inside you, chances are it's not inserted correctly. Just insert your finger until you feel the rim of the disc and push upwards to make sure it is tucked up behind your pubic bone.

See our anatomy video here

If you have a low cervix, you may find you have to pull up with your pelvic floor muscles to get that good tucked feeling - imagine you are trying to draw everything upwards inside your vagina.

Don't overthink it, while sitting or the toilet or you can stand slightly in a squat position, squeeze the disc and push it in towards your tailbone. Some people find squatting down on their toes helps even more or put a foot on the edge of the bathtub. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly before you begin. Not rushing and feeling relaxed definitely makes it easier.

Using a water based lubricant on the rim and your vaginal entrance helps so so much! We still like to use it to make insertion quick and easy. This is not just a tip for beginners.

Practice makes perfect! You don't need to be on your period to try inserting and using your Hey Zomi disc.
It is safe to wear your disc even though you are not on your period and it is a lot easier figuring this out before you rely on it for your period.

Have a go and be nicely surprised!

If you find it a challenge to insert, you may be a little too dry down there.
Your disc could also bend slightly or even buckle inside when you are really dry. Being extra dry on your period is normal and super easy to fix!

The power of LUBE! We recommend putting some water based lubricant around the back of the rim where you insert first. A little on your vaginal entrance can also feel nice. This helps the disc glide in effortlessly. It's not required, but why not just make things a little easier for yourself.

To remove the disc without getting blood on your hands, you can bare down gently with your pelvic floor muscles to untuck the disc from begind your pubic bone and let it empty a little into the toilet first. Then you can simply find the handle of the disc close to your vaginal entrance, hook onto it with your finger and pull it out slowly.

As the rim comes out of your vagina, blood will come out more, keep your finger and hand up and out of the way.

Try and keep your disc level (like pulling out a drawer), at this point you can hold onto the rim keeping your disc flat. It takes some practice but once you master the technique, it is very handy. 

That's horrible and you should stop using your disc straight away. We recommend you go to your doctor to see why you have pain. You can also reach out and contact us.

It could be helpful to get a mirror and inspect yourself as well. It is good to be informed, as it is not normal to have pain and there are many different reasons why this could be happening. It is all solvable.

We recommend using reusable period underwear when you first start using the Hey Zomi Disc. On those heavier days when you are figuring out removing and reinserting your disc, sometimes residual blood isn't cleared away from the vaginal canal and can seep out. This does not mean your disc isn't working, it's just what happens when you are finding out how your body works with your disc.

So have peace of mind, not stressing about if your disc will work for you or not, and just throw on some period undies to back you up and make you feel great.

No you don't. Your menstrual fluid is sterile and clean. All you need to do is rinse it after you remove it and reinsert over the days of your period. You can wash it with mild soap if you want to, but we dont.

At the end of your period, you can wash it with mild soap, let it dry well and store it in your cotton bag or box.

We recommend sterilising by boiling your disc before each period.

Top Tips

We are all about fitting our period into our normal routine, this is why emptying the disc in the shower is our favourite method! Simply reach your finger in, pull your disc out with the handle, rinse and reinsert while still in the shower. Rinse your vagina well and you won't have any blood spotting.

Stain free towels!! It has always been super annoying to dry ourselves and have to rinse off blood from clean towels after our shower. This doesn't happen anymore because the disc is in, making like so much easier.

Even though you are in the shower and it is wet, your vagina may be dryer making insertion of your disc a little trickier. You can use lube in the shower too! So easy.

The easy empty, also known as auto-dumping, allows you to empty your disc while it is still inside you. This is really helpful if you have heavy periods or if you are just worried your disc might be getting full.

Check out our youtube video on this

There are two ways to do this with the Hey Zomi DIsc:

1. Bear down with your pelvic floor muscles (Pretend to poop). The rim of your disc will move forward from behind your pubic bone and empty its contents into the toilet.

2. We like to take it one step further by bearing down, hooking onto the handle to bring the disc out a little further outside of the entrance of the vagina. Squeeze with your pelvic floor muscles which clenches the disc, pushing more blood out into the toilet (like wringing out a wet cloth).

Simply push your disc back in and tuck it up behind your pubic bone. Use toilet paper to wipe yourself really well. We like to take a clean finger and wipe the vaginal entrance out also, as sometimes on heavier days, residual blood likes to hang out there and seep out later.

Rinsing with water in the shower or if your toilet has a hose is even better!

Sometimes it’s easier to take your disc out and empty the blood. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take your disc to the sink in front of all your colleagues at work. Remove your disc and make sure it is over the toilet. Even if it is covered in menstrual fluid, you can just reinsert it. Or if you feel more comfortable, wipe with toilet paper and reinsert.

NOTE: When you are first doing this, it can be a messy experience, make sure you're not in a hurry.

You don't have to rinse your disc every time you remove, although we do recommend giving it a rinse every 12 hours.

It's completely normal to do a no.1 and a no.2 while wearing you disc. You do not have to remove it. If you are bearing down when doing a poop, you may find that the rim of your disc gets pushed out from behind the pubic bone, resulting in an easy empty (or auto-dump), so you will see blood in the toilet. This is normal, just insert your finger into your vagina and tuck the rim back behind your pubic bone when you are done and wipe as normal.

If your disc lowers even further and comes out of your vaginal entrance, this is also fine. It won't fall out of you into the toilet. It is actually pretty cool to see how it all works and get the hang of it.

That's right! You can boil your disc in a microwave safe mug for 3-5mins on high in the microwave.
Make sure you fill the cup with boiling water and that your mug or vessel is clean and soap free.

You could also use a baby bottle steriliser or similar device.
Do not sterilise your disc in the dishwasher.

Keeping the sheets white!

The Hey Zomi disc allows for mess free pleasure or play on your period. With your disc in place you can get up to whatever you want! Go for it.

If it is a heavy day, some people may feel more comfortable removing, rinsing and reinserting the disc.

We have a great video you an check out here on how the Hey Zomi disc works during action -
Mess Free Period Pleasure - Youtube

Did you know your vagina can expand 200% during intercourse! Your cervix will move higher when aroused and this means your disc will move higher. It can take 30 mins to an hour for your vagina to move back to its usual size. So we recommend not trying to remove your disc straight after any action. Your disc will move right back down into its usual position within a couple of hours. 

Remember you can bear down (push with your pelvic floor muscles) to lower your disc closer to your vaginal entrance so you can find the disc easy.

Sometimes your disc may spin right around, so that the handle is now at the back. That is ok! If you can't feel the handle when you go to remove your disc, just bear down with your pelvic floor muscles and the rim of the disc will come into reach, hook your finger under or over the rim and pull to remove. 

When we talk about 'bearing down', we mean you push like you are trying to do a no.2... Too much information?

While wearing your disc, you may find you are much dryer for any action. We highly recommend using a water based lubricant to help make this more enjoyable for both you and your partner.
Can you really ever have too much lube?

We recommend not using an oil based lubricant- it can be hard to clean off your disc.

Your Hey Zomi disc CANNOT protect you from falling pregnant. It also cannot protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STIs)!
Use proper protection to take care of you and your partner.

Did you know the menstrual disc was inspired by the diaphragm- a contraceptive device that cups the cervix and is a similar shape. HOWEVER, spermicide is also used with a diaphragm. It is also a lot firmer and functions a little differently to a menstrual disc.