Is A Change In Your Period Care Worth It?

Hey Zomi Reviewed by Fashion Journal

We know the saying goes "don't fix it if it ain't broke," and so we rely on the period products we have been using since we were 12 years old. But actually, it's pretty broken. 

It's also amazing to think- whether you are 14 years old figuring out your periods, or you're in your 20's, or even if you're 40 and have been menstruating for 30 years- we all have gaps in understanding menstruation. Even with all that experience, it seems like we just don't have all the facts.

Having a period is definitely a journey, we really believe that.

It's true, our customers LOVE the Hey Zomi disc and it has been changing lives!

"Oh hell yes- I’ve tried a range of solutions to manage my flow, this is my new favourite. I won’t go back now." - Beth

"Postpartum I was a bit uneasy about using my cup and the disk is a gamechanger. No suction. Much tidier than reusable pads. More sustainable than tampons." - Lynda

"Game Changer- Wow! How did I only just find out about this?
Finally, I feel like I’m in control of my period instead of it controlling me. Being able to go all day without the need to change uncomfortable pads." - Anon.

The Hey Zomi Disc- White reusable menstrual disc

But is it always a perfect experience when you first try the Hey Zomi disc?

We understand that an internal menstrual product is not as simple as "shoving it in there and all is well". There are a few key components that make using a menstrual disc work smoothly, leak free and become an easier way to manage your period.

There is indeed a learning curve. But we believe it gives users a leg up when it comes to understanding their body, their cycle and feeling more self aware. The most magic part is that finally, menstruators can feel more comfortable in their own skin. 

This week, Fashion Journal magazine published an article written by journalist, Alyssa Forato, where she shares her first time experience trying the Hey Zomi disc for herself. 

Her review was real, and we LOVE that! Alyssa shared her struggles using a reusable product for the first time and admitted that 'there’s definitely a learning curve if you’re used to pads and tampons...'

Alyssa had a rocky start with using the disc, but with practice she got there. '
I felt defeated and wanted to give up; resorting back to my usual period care seemed like a pleasant idea. But I’d made a commitment, and I was going to persevere. Thankfully, the rest of my period using the disc was a breeze.'

We have to be honest, sharing bad user experience seems like a lousy idea to share or publicise. But at Hey Zomi, we totally get it.

For Mika (Co founder of HZ), she too had a tricky experience when she first tried using menstrual discs 7 years ago. She had no way of knowing if the disc was inserted properly. Half the time the disc she was using worked like a dream, but then it also ended up leaking on her heavy days. It wasn't until she worked with her gynaecologist that she learnt that there really is power in knowledge and liberation in taking charge of her menstrual health.

Mika dived right in and learnt how to map the internal anatomy of her vagina. After nearly 20 years of having periods, she figured out that her cervix was actually way up high and tilted. "Figuring out what my cervix felt like and where it was positioned totally turned around the way the disc worked, no more leaks! I can even check that my menstrual disc is in place and feel my cervix from beneath the disc cavity to know that it won't leak. I wish someone had told me these things when I first started using discs. So now that's a part of our Hey Zomi mission- be transparent and support with education."

Learning about female anatomy

We wonder how many of us actually ever learnt the key components when it comes to using internal menstrual products-

Finding your cervix: This is where your menstrual fluid flows out of.

- You internal shape and anatomy: What actually goes on inside your vagina?

- How heavy is heavy? Understanding your flow when using period products.

- Your pelvic floor health: How to maintain strength and understand changes.

- Your menstrual cycle: The power of your reproductive hormones and how they affect you.

Alyssa's recent experience using the Hey Zomi disc parallels Mika's. "Since I was on the heaviest day of my period and hadn’t yet got the hang of the disc, it did leak a bit (nothing a liner couldn’t handle, though). I thought I had it in properly, as I couldn’t feel it and had tucked it into its designated spot above my pelvic bone, but I guess there wasn’t really a way I could check."

But that's how it goes, we read the instructions quickly, stab around in the dark and start using a disc or a cup, hoping for the best.

We too have been there and done that. But we have come a long way in how we start out using a menstrual disc and in what we recommend to first time users.

There is a way you can check it is in the right position! Yay!

Did you know, you can give the Hey Zomi disc a 'dry run' and practice getting the position right while you're not having a period. This is totally safe to do, due to the medical grade silicone and smoothness of the disc. Way less messy too.

We also recommend water based lube to help with insertion. It makes it quicker, comfortable and easier to position the disc a little deeper. 

As we learn about our body and how these internal period products work with our flow, we feel more empowered and our period care routines are simplified. It's so great to finally have period care that is great for our body, much more affordable over years of have periods and saving our planet from tons of disposable waste.

It is great to hear that Alyssa's experience was not all doom and gloom. "Thankfully, the rest of my period using the disc was a breeze. The fact that it was my lighter days definitely played a factor in this, but I’d also gotten the hang of using it. I even took it for a test run when going for a swim and all was well. Things were looking up, after all."

Cheering for all of you out there who are using the Hey Zomi disc for the first time! We are here to support and answer any questions you have.

And our message to Alyssa from Fashion Journal Mag, you are a champion and LOVE that you bring your experience to others!

We all need to hear it.

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