Have We Been Kept In The Dark For Far Too Long?

Searching for answers about our period

We realised in our early 30's, that we knew more about putting on makeup, taking care of our children or even cooking pizza and pasta, than we did about menstruation and all that comes with it. 

We spent more hours in math lessons in high school, learning all that jazzy stuff, rather than getting an education on menstrual health that impacts us daily. We didn't even have google back then to find answers!

For us at Hey Zomi, back when we started our periods as teens, our main source of information was from our friends (who were also complete and utter novices) or Dolly/Cosmo Magazine... I mean, no one taught us about tracking our periods, what our hormones were doing or even where our cervix was and how to find it.

It's like, we just didn't get all the answers and our period care has been out of sight and out of mind. Periods have been covered up, hushed, treated as unsanitary, booed at, ridiculed, scrutinised.

Bloody oath, periods are just normal.

We loved naturopathic doctor, Lara Briden and her book, 'Period Repair Manual.' She introduces the idea that your period is like a monthly 'report card' and that stress, diet, medical issues or other reasons can impact your period. Our period can tell us a lot about what might be going on in our bodies, or lifestyle factors that are impacting our health and the health of our period. Each month you can see if your flow is "normal" or regular. If your period is not, what could be impacting that?

That's a vibe. We can choose to work WITH our cycle, rather than hide it or hate it. Our cycle brings humans into existence. How do we not know enough?

On the other side of the discussion, having a period for a lot of us is not as 'easy as pie'. It can be traumatic, painful, inconvenient or even embarrassing. There is no 'quick fix' or one perfect period solution. 

But we LOVE that there are menstruator focused solutions available to make managing periods better- across all aspects of menstrual health.

The black Hey Zomi reusable menstrual disc

Some of our Aussie period care favourites for you to check out are:

  • Our Flagship, The Hey Zomi Disc: Australia's reusable menstrual disc
  • Ovira's period pain relief device: Vibration massage to ease pain.
  • Moon Box natural supplements: Beverages and other products that support better menstrual health.
  • Love Luna: Period underwear, huge range of styles, even swim.

There is power in knowledge and we don't have to settle for the plastic filled and below-par, disposable period care any longer. 



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