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Swapping from a menstrual cup to a disc

So many of our customers, myself included, have discovered the joys of using a disc over a cup (I mean, no suction, heyyyy).  But there is one thing that I struggled with at the start... trusting a menstrual disc, because I couldn't feel it! 

Menstrual discs change the game here, because when you insert the disc, it almost feels like it 'disappears' into your body because you can't feel it.

This is because the Hey Zomi reusable menstrual disc molds to the inner shape of your body, right under the cervix. This is what we all LOVE about the disc, but how do you gain the confidence to know it's in place correctly?

Once your Hey Zomi disc is inserted all the way in and tucked behind your pubic bone, you can 'pull up' with your pelvic floor muscles. This will really help it nestle into place and give that extra bit of confidence that it's 'pulled' into your body and its unique shape. 

After you do this, you can insert your finger and feel that the rim of the menstrual disc is tucked behind your pubic bone. At the start, just doing this over the day can be great in giving you the confidence that the disc will not just fall out of your body because there is no suction. Spoiler alert, it won't fall out! 

It can take a few cycles to really master your disc, but it's such a game changer and SO gentle on your body when you do. 

To see how it sits internally and get a better understanding of how menstrual discs differ to cups, check out our vid here

Big love, Zoe xx

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