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How to insert your menstrual disc easier

In the wise words of our Co-founder Mika, 'Can you ever have enough water based lube?' 

It can take a few cycles to really get the hang of your disc, your flow and your understanding your internal shape! Using a water based lubricant is such a great way to master your Hey Zomi disc much quicker and easier.

Also, on the first day or two of your period you are more internally swollen during menstruation and on these days especially we find using a small amount of water based lube is so helpful to ensure the disc slides right into place within the vaginal fornix (right under your cervix).

This can be a real game changer if you struggle to tuck your disc with a low cervix, need to angle your disc with a tilted cervix or just want a silky smooth insert experience. 

Even Mika, who is a bit of a pro when it comes to menstrual discs, still uses lube to insert her Hey Zomi disc. 

See our tutorial on using lube with a menstrual

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