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Find your cervix and prevent leaks!

Have you ever found your cervix? I mean, if you're here then probably not! And neither had we before using menstrual discs. Crazy, as it's actually SO easy and empowering to do this. 

Menstrual discs are positioned right under the cervix. They don't use suction to stay in place, making them so much more comfortable than other products. 

But what if you insert your disc and it's comfortable, but it's leaking?

To prevent leaks, you need to make sure that your menstrual disc is fully cupping your cervix. The rim of your disc needs to fully encircle your cervix. Sometimes the rim could be sitting beside or even on your cervix, meaning your menstrual fluid doesn't go into your disc. This means you really would leak.

All our cervixes are positioned differently, and can be at different heights and angles. Knowing where your cervix is can make insertion so much easier. It will help you to visualise how to angle your disc, or how deep to insert it, to ensure you get the right position for your body. 

Once your menstrual disc is inserted you can even double check it's in the right spot, using your finger to feel for your cervix from beneath the disc. This helps prevent leaks and makes sure you have a good fit internally.

Curious on how to find your cervix?
See our tutorial here

Also, its great to know you can practice inserting your disc while you are not menstruating. It is totally safe to insert your disc without being on your period (different to tampons).

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