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The Hey Zomi Sanitiser & Stain Remover is here!

That's right, you heard it correctly! No BS here. The Hey Zomi Menstrual cup and disc sanitising tablet means no more boiling and no more stains! YEEWW

If you haven't seen it- go CHECK IT OUT


No need to sanitise your period cup or disc on the stove by boiling it anymore! You can simply pop one of these little tablets into a cup of water and let your disc soak for 5 minutes. Rinse it well in water and then it is ready to use!

We wanted to be sure it would remove all bacteria, just like if you were boiling it (but better), so we worked with chemists here in Australia to do comprehensive testing and certify that is does the job right!


We love our reusable period products so much, we just got used to the staining of the silicone. But we always wished we could brighten it up and make it look new and fresh again. So we created the first medical grade silicone safe stain remover! Safe to use on all menstrual cups and discs!

To remove stains, use the tablet in a cup of water and soak your cup/disc for as long as it takes. Really stubborn stains may even need a little rub with a cloth.


Check out our how to use video here


If you are using one of these tabs once a month to sanitise your disc before use, then this will really keep those stains at away and make your disc last longer. 

Or you may like to use the tablet simply for stain removing, and this is up to you how often your period cup or disc would need that- since staining is different from person to person.


Why would you need to use a tablet if you own a black Hey Zomi disc?
Well, don't be fooled. The build up of protein (staining) on your black disc is there, even if you can't really see it. It can help the longevity of your disc to remove the build up and to give you peace of mind that your disc is squeaky clean for your vag!


Those of us already using the tabs have LOVED the convenience of using them! Consider period care like this on your travels, especially those trips to Bali (who knows what you're rinsing your disc in there), those camping trips, shared house situations. It's soooo easy compared to hanging out watching it boil on the stove!

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