The Hey Zomi Menstrual Cup & Disc Cleaner - Sanitises & Removes Stains

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Quantity - 6 Cleaning Tablets 

No more BS = No more boiling & no more stains!

Removes 99.9% of bacteria from menstrual cups and discs without boiling.
Made in Australia, Eco-Friendly & Cruelty Free.
Removes stains and odours in minutes.

These little cleaning tablets are the safest, most reliable way to sanitise your menstrual cup or disc, making it ready to use when you're on the go.

And finally, you can remove stains from your period cup or disc! 

The Sanitising tablet:

  • Replaces Boiling - Removing 99.9% of bacteria.
  • Removes Stains - Make it look new again.
  • Removes Odours -  The best way to care for your cups or discs.
  • pH balance safe - Safe for your body.
  • Eco friendly - No chemicals or nasties, compostable packaging used.
  • Cruelty free - Not tested on animals.
  • Made in Australia - Highest quality guaranteed.

All claims have been lab tested by our Australian chemists.


  1. Dissolve tablet in 1 cup of warm water.
  2. Soak your period cup or disc for 5 minutes to sanitise or until stains are removed.
  3. Discard solution and rinse your cup or disc well in clean running water.
  4. If stains are still evident after 12 hours of soaking, use a cloth and the solution to rub these off.

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Potassium Monopersulphate, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide. Sodium Benzoate, Polyethylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Olefin Sulphonate, PVP

Contains readily biodegradable surfactants.

Made in Australia from imported and local components. Non-hazardous, Phosphate Free, 80% Natural.

Keep out of reach of children.

Not to be taken internally. For external use only.

Store below 30°C.

FIRST AID: For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre (Phone Australia- 131 126; New Zealand- 0800 764 766) or a doctor immediately.

Introducing The Hey Zomi Sanitising Tablet

No more BS = No more boiling and no more stains for your reusable period cup or menstrual disc!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Recommend the sanitising tablets

The sanitising tablets are amazing! See pictures for proof. I had stubborn stains and did not want to use hydrogen peroxide or any chemical that may disrupt my PH balance. I soaked my discs for 2 hours and they were still stained. I figured I would try rubbing them with a cloth and if that didn't work, I would have soaked them longer. However, the cloth worked very well.

Lauren N.
Honestly so happy I gave it a go

I have been using my Zomi for 12 months now and I am so elated knowing I will never need to buy a tampon again! Once you get the hang of it, it makes life so easy! Especially once I discovered the Easy Empty method - I now don’t need to take it out and wash often, I can leave it in all day.


Absolutely amazing, cleans so well, I will definitely be buying more of these!

E P.
Life changing!

Absolutely love love love my disc, I am so much more comfortable than I was when I was using tampons!

Stains gone and so convenient!

Stoked not to have to boil my disc anymore! Plus, all of the stains are gooooone 😍


Doesn’t remove stains like it claims

Sorry to hear this Sarah. Reach out to us and we can show you how to use the cleaning tablet to remove more stubborn stains.

Katie H.
Life changing!

These tablets are amazing! The biggest barrier with reusables for me was the effort to sanitise them each month - boiling it on the stove just seemed like such an effort! This is quick and easy and worth every penny. Highly recommend!

Sarah E.

Awesome product! Tried another band, Zomi exceeds in comfort!! happy customer :)

So worth it

I'm sure the disc cleaner tablets have a basis in actual science but I'm pretty sure they are witchcraft. They are so good, couldn't recommend more.


I finally got to use one and it’s a game changer.
It feels weird not to boil your disc but I can confirm, cleans and sanitises well.
So much easier and will be great for those trips away.

Will it remove stains from my period cup or menstrual disc?

See this video of the Hey Zomi Sanitising Tab in action!

How to use the Hey Zomi Cleaning Tablet

Learn how to sterilise and remove stains from your period cup or menstrual disc.

Frequently asked questions

Yes it does! The tablet solution sanitisers your menstrual product, removing 99.9% of bacteria.

We worked with chemists here in Australia to do comprehensive testing that showed more bacteria was removed than when you boil your menstrual cup or disc on the stove.

It is most effective once the tablet has fully dissolved. This is when the solution is most effective at sanitising and removing stains.

You can put your cup or disc into the solution while it is fizzing and walk away and come back to it in 10 minutes or so. As long as it has soaked in the solution for at least 5 minutes, then you are good to go.

Even if it has been soaking for an hour, it is sanitised and ready for you to rinse it well and use it right away, or store it ready for your next period.

The solution is safe for your skin. Just wash your hands well after you have been in contact with it.
If any irritation occurs, discontinue use and please get in touch with us at

Yes it is fine. Just rinse it really well, rubbing the silicone between your fingers to ensure it is clear of solution.

Try using a cloth to rub off the marks while the solution is on the cup/disc. Dip your cloth into the solution to use as well, rubbing off those stubborn marks.
If you still have stains, send us some photos so we can see what the issue and email us at

No, it wont. We have also tested this with our chemists, no change to the silicone occurs from soaking your menstrual cup or disc in the solution.

No there isn't. We also tested this with our chemists so ensure that it is completely safe to use and won't disrupt our natural internal PH Balance.
Make sure you rinse your cup or disc well after it soaks in the solution. You can use your disc right away or store it to use for when your period arrives.

Between 200-250ml is effective. Once you measure this out the first time in a cup you like, then it is easy to estimate the next time.

Yes you can. It works just as effectively.

When creating cleaning products under the Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Act), they are very specific about the language merchants need to use. Sterilising refers to products that are registered and comply with TGA hospital grade standards.

Boiling menstrual cups or discs are outside of the TGA hospital grade standards, but are still effective and approved ways of 'sanitising' your menstrual products.

So, we created the Hey Zomi sanitising tablet, that has gone through chemical testing to ensure that it effectively cleans your period cup or disc to the same standard, but even better, than the traditional method of boiling it on the stove.

No. We do not refund or accept returns for this product.

Yes they are!

Please send us an email explaining the issue and include some photos so we can understand what has happened.

We are happy to replace orders that are damaged or lost in transit.