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How do I remove stains from my period cup or menstrual disc?

We have the solution! Literally 🙌

The Hey Zomi sanitising and stain removing tablet is no BS!
This means no more boiling and no more stains for your reusable period care products. Yay! 💃

<<< See our video here to see this magic in action. 


This little tablet is like a 'set and forget'- just pop the tablet and your period cup or disc into a cup of water and walk away. Let is soak overnight to remove stubborn stains or it only takes a 5 minute soak to sterilise it. Too easy!


Stains on your period cup or disc are actually really normal. Staining also varies from person to person due to the different levels of haemoglobin or 'proteins' in our blood. 

Staining does not mean your period product has been ruined, or that it is unclean.

Your blood sterile and the fluids that come out of your vag are not dirty and definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

It's actually so normal and healthy! 

But we too felt that it was a little sad to see our shiny white Hey Zomi disc or our brand new period cup changing in colour. Sometimes they can go a little brown, or definite marks are visible. We wanted our white HZ disc to be white again!

It has been such a game changer to develop the 'Hey Zomi Sanitising & Stain Removing Tablet- for period cups and discs' - as it helps keep your menstrual product sanitised and ready for use, while also freshening it up and making sure it lasts a really long time.

Did we mention already that it also replaces boiling- such a level up for reusable period products, because who needs to stand over their stove boiling it. Or having to plug in an expensive electric steamer to sterilise their products. 

We wanted to create a sanitising tablet that was for on the go use!
Awesome for that trip to bali, or in your shared house situation, camp trip, travelling abroad or for work. We were just fed up boiling our disc on the stove.

So here you are - it is now available and we can't wait to hear what you think! 🤩

- Check out the HZ Sanitising and Stain Removing Tablet here -