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Tips for first time disc user - Use lube!

It can feel a bit tricky or overwhelming to use a menstrual disc for the first time. Remember to be gentle on yourself, it can take a few cycles to really master a disc and find exactly what works for your body.

Our favourite tip is to use a water based lubricant to help make insertion comfortable and easy. Especially during your period when you may be a little more swollen internally.

How to apply lube to your menstrual disc

Apply it to the part of the disc that you insert first, not the whole rim, or it will get so slippery to handle. You can put the excess lube that is on your finger on your vaginal entrance to help insertion.

You can see how to use lube on your menstrual disc here

Did you know that our period causes our vaginal wall to swell and this can cause resistance when getting your disc inserted and into the right place. If you are a first time user of the Hey Zomi disc, you may be nervous to insert your disc deeply. The lube will help get a better fit and position.

You really will be amazed at how easy it is using the lube!

Don't forget, it is totally safe to insert your menstrual disc when you are not on your period, so it's great to practice using your disc, getting the position right while you don't have to worry about relying on it when menstruating.

You can buy lube at your local chemist or supermarket.

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